17 July 10:00

Normal for Norfolk

Observational documentary series. Another year has passed at Wiveton Hall farm, tucked away on the north Norfolk coast. It is home to gentleman farmer Desmond MacCarthy, his 101-year-old mother Chloe, and his two children, Isabel and Edmund. For all his adult life, Desmond has struggled to keep his stunning 17th-century manor house and farm the right side of bankruptcy. Now, hundreds of thousands of pounds in debt and with his overdraft at its limit, Desmond must conjure up increasingly clever ways to make money if he is to survive. In this episode, the Wiveton cafe is beginning to thrive but profits are devoured by the maintenance of the house and gardens. Desmond, with the help of his loyal team, begins to promote the Edwardian wing of Wiveton Hall as a place to stay and takes a booking from an international yoga retreat.